Top Tips For Saving On Car Insurance

ANewDriver's Top Tips for saving on your car insurance By ANewDriver When it comes to insuring your car, it seems that every year the cost increases and it is becoming more and more difficult to negotiate with insurance companies for a better price. At renewal time,...

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Reasons to Learn How to Drive

By ANewDriver Reasons to Learn How to Drive - For some people, having their own transport is essential. But here are some reasons why it’s worth learning how to drive, even if you don’t want or need to own a car. Lifelong Skill Driving is like learning to ride a bike:...

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AnewDriver’s Success Stories 2016

AnewDriver's Success Stories 2016: We would like to thank everyone who chose to learn with us in 2016! Here are some of ANewDriver's successful stories this year: Come and become part of another one in 2017! Book Now! Alexandru Lacobescu - 29th July 2016...

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Driving during Cold Weather

- By ANewDriver via RSA Driving during Cold Weather - Taking a number of simple precautions can ensure safety on Irish roads during winter. Don’t get caught out if severe weather hits, make the necessary checks on your vehicle now. There are a number of simple...

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Driving into a Hailstorm

Hailstorms can start very quickly without giving any warnings. So the best and only think to do is to be prepared and follow these tips. Here's what to do if you drive into a hailstorm: Keep an eye on the weather. While it is difficult to accurately predict a...

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Driving Tips for New Drivers

- By ANewDriver Something as quick and simple as putting on your seat belt or getting your windshield cleaned can mean the difference between life and death. Being aware of yourself and other drivers and practicing good road etiquette is equally important. So here are...

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