UK Driving Licences in Ireland

The Road Safety Authority says drivers in Ireland with UK licences will need to swap their permits. If you live in Ireland and have a UK driving licence, your licence will not be recognised here if there is a no-deal Brexit. You should apply to convert your UK licence...

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Driving At Night

Today is the shortest day of the year, which means we will have the least amount of natural daylight, which poses a challenge for drivers who are leaving for work and coming home from work in darkness. Every morning in Dublin, there are several near misses on our...

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Autumn Road Hazards

Driving conditions and road hazards The change in season means a change in driving conditions and road hazards. We Irish were lucky this year to have a dry and bright summer, but the temperatures are dropping and drivers should prepare for the driving conditions and...

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Drink-Driving Rule

A new drink-driving rule in Ireland is now on. New rules on drink-driving took effect last night in Ireland. From now on, it will automatically disqualify any motorists who are found to have consumed alcohol. The commencement of the provisions of the Road Traffic...

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Driving in Ireland

Driving in Ireland: useful links for licence and policies. Driving in Ireland can be challenging if you are not aware of all the policies and rules. A New Driver would like to share these useful links that every person considering driving in Ireland should read and...

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Safe Driving in School Zones

It is important to understand the good practices of driving in school zones and special limits zone. As the final preparations for a new school term begin, in homes and schools around the country, the RSA Road Safety Authority is calling on drivers, parents, guardians...

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