A lot of Learner Drivers ask themselves what are the most important points to watch for before and during their Test. So here is the Top 10 Driving Test Failure Points to consider for your Driving Test:

1. Nerves:
They cause you not drive at your best and have a significant effect on your decision-making. Try not to think too much about the test. Do your best and remember if you fail, you can always do it again!

2. Clutch:
If you have a bad “coasting” problem on the clutch you will have NO chance of passing the test. I will demonstrate and explain how to fix your bad habits on the clutch.

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3. Reverse around a corner:
Major failing point for a lot of test candidates. I´ll show you a techniques how to do it and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

4. Observation:
Incorrect/ineffective observation moving off, turning right and left plus roundabouts, changing lanes,overtaking, and slowing down/stopping.

5. Reaction to Hazards:
Little or no anticipation or reacting late to a hazard or possible danger ahead i.e a speed ramps or pulling in for an oncoming car on a narrow road etc.

6. Position:
Incorrect position on the straight by driving too far to the right on the road. Too wide turning left or hitting a kerb. Cutting corners turning right or going too far before you turn i.e “swan-necking”

7. Progress:
Taking too long or lack of progress on the straight by driving too slow on the strain and particularly turning right at junctions and traffic lights.

8. Vehicle Controls:
Improper use of or not using accelerator, clutch, gears, foot-brake, handbrake, secondary controls, effectively.

9. Clearance to stationary vehicles:
Not giving the “width of a door” clearance or driving unnecessarily too close to parked vehicles.

10. Traffic signs:
Failure to completely “STOP” at a stop sign.

*TOP TIP: Always make sure to choose an experienced and fully qualified Instructor to help you achieve your goal! James Hickey from A NEW DRIVER has over 10 years of experience in Ireland & UK.

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