A Quick Car Checklist before Your Test

– By ANewDriver

It is a good idea to be familiar with the car you are using for your test. A New Driver has made a quick list of things to check up before you go ahead with it. By checking all the list below is in good order before you go to your driving test centre, you will reduce your changes of getting refused eligibility to sit the test: It happens more often than you know!

So here is what to watch out for:

  • Provisional Licence/Learners Permit: Make sure this is in date and has the correct category on it.
  • Tax: Make sure your car’s tax disc is in date and correct registration number.
  • Insurance: Make sute the insurance disc on the car is in date and has the correct registration number.
  • Nct: Only if the test car is required to have an NCT disc, make sure the NCT disc is in date and has the correct registration number.
  • Bonnet check: Check that oil for engine, coolant for engine radiator, water for windscreen washer, steering fluid, and clutch fluid is topped up. You must know where all fluids go for your test regardless.
  • Lights: Check brake lights and indicators are working correctly and are the correct colour.
  • Warning lights due to fault: Make sure there are no warning lights on before you go for your test as your car will be refused.
  • Seatbelts: Check that all seatbelts are working correctly.
  • Windows: Check that all windows are working correctly.
  • Tyres: Remember you should know the Tyre Check as there is a 90% chance you will be asked. Vehicles with bald or worn tyres will not be taken out on test.

car check up before test

A Quick Guide For Information Signs

By ANewDriver

An information sign is a very legibly printed and very noticeable placard that informs people of the purpose of an object, or gives them instruction on the use of something – like road signs showing directions and the location of services or other places of interest to tourists.

Advance direction signs

Motorway sign (blue) Motorway
National Road sign (green) National road
National road sign (green) National road
Regional road sign (white) Regional road

Direction signs (at junctions)

Motorway direction sign (blue) Motorway direction sign
National road direction sign (green) National road direction signs
Regional road direction sign (white) Regional road direction sign
Large white sign pointed right, with bold text saying next direction Local road direction sign
Destination distance sign (green) Destination distance sign
Town or village sign (green) Town or village sign
Slow lane sign Slow lane sign
Cul-de-sac sign Cul-de-sac
Sign showing industrial estate Industrial estate symbol
Sign showing parking bay for disabled persons Disabled persons parking bay
Sign for airport Airport symbol
Sign for car ferry Ferry symbol
Sign showing alternative route for high vehicles Alternative route for high vehicles
Sign showing lay-by ahead (100m) Lay-by ahead sign
Sign showing hospital ahead (100m) Hospital ahead sign
Sign for lay-by Lay-by sign
Sign for hospital Hospital sign
Sign for carpark with facilities for disabled persons Carpark with facilities for disabled persons
Sign for SOS (emergency) lay-by SOS lay-by
Sign showing restricted heights on route Sign for low bridges or low clearance ahead

Advance information sign for low clearance

Sign for traffic calming Traffic calming sign
Second sign for traffic calming Traffic calming sign
Supplementary plate for traffic calming Supplementary plate
Sign for ramps on road Ramps on road

Tourist information signs

Sign for lay-by with facilities ahead (3km) Advance sign for facilities in lay-by
Sign for lay-by with tourist information ahead (1km) Advance sign for lay-by with tourism information
Sign for Youth Hostel ahead (1km) Sign for Óige youth hostels
Sign for local services Advance direction to local services
Sign for approved tourist information Signing to approved tourist information
Brown sign, white text showing info about upcoming attraction Tourist advanced direction sign
Sign showing direction to tourist attraction (bird sanctuary) Tourist attraction direction sign
Sign for pedestrians showing direction to Tourist attraction (museum) Pedestrian sign to a tourist attraction
Sign for pedestrians for car park Pedestrian sign to a car park
Sign to approved tourist information Sign to approved tourist information point