Driving Lessons In Artane

Driving Lessons In Artane


The joy of what we do here at A New Driver is that we cover most areas within Dublin and its surroundings so that we can ensure everyone in Dublin can pass their driving test the first time round with us.

That driving school is us and we’re delighted that we can help you achieve your goal of learning how to drive and pass your driving test the first time.

A New Driver offering students competitive and affordable rates for driving lessons in Dublin. When other driving schools are still asking way above the odds for driving lessons we have always kept our prices the lowest and best in the industry. Please see our prices page.

If it’s Driving Lessons in Artane you are looking for we have a team of highly skilled driving instructors ready and waiting to teach you to drive and pass your driving test quickly and easily.

There’s a myth going around Artane that the Artane Test Route is one of the hardest test routes in Dublin. This myth only exists for the unfortunate students who get their driving lessons from a driving school that does not prepare the student the way they should.

Let us reassure you that the only people saying this are the people who failed here. Yes, the Artane Test Routes are difficult if you can’t drive and if you haven’t had the correct preparation for them.

We’ll Get You Ready for Your Driving Lessons In Artane

We’re sure you’ve heard of this saying but if you haven’t then read these wise words “Fail to prepare, prepare to Fail”. This saying doesn’t need much explanation other than this is why people do not pass The Driving Test in Artane.

We will have you so well prepared going into your driving test in Artane that it will just be another day driving for you and you will not find The Driving Test hard at all.

Your A New Driver driving instructor will take you around all of the Artane test routes and show you everything you need to know and more. You will have pretests, you will know where your manoeuvres are, you will know the questions you will be asked. There is nothing you won’t know going into your driving test in Artane. This is why you are going to pass your driving test with us and this is why we have an excellent pass rate in Artane.

We guarantee you your A New Driver driving instructor will be friendly, patient and highly knowledgeable. It’s safe to say we have the best driving instructors in the country and you will soon realise this when you have your full license in your hands.

A New Driver offers driving lessons in Dublin to the whole of the county. We have driving lessons in Dublin from one end of the county to the other. Driving Lessons Dublin is where we are and what we do. Choose us for Driving Lessons in Artane.

We’re the number one driving school now in Dublin and we’re the most popular driving school now in Artane because we get the best results continuously and student drivers in Artane know it.