– By ANewDriver

Driving with sun glare? Sunlight can cause major problems seeing when you drive at any time of year, not just in summer. The period just after the sun rises and just before it sets are dangerous times for drivers, whether the days are long or short. In Ireland, RSA & Gardai have been warning drivers of ‘sun glare’ as it has been linked to many road deaths.

When the sun is shining into your eyes as you drive, you don’t have a good view of the road due to glare. It can be impossible to get a true view of the road ahead. But you can take steps to improve your vision when the sun is out.

Here is what can help you:

Wear a pair of good Sunglasses – Summer or winter, you must wear them. A good pair of polarized sunglasses are an essential safety tool for any driver year round. They won’t give you perfect vision in the glare of the sun, but they are your best first step.

Make sure your windscreen is clean before driving – Grime on the inside and outside of your windshield makes the sunlight refract and scatter, which intensifies the glare. Clean glass is easier to see out of whatever the weather conditions, but especially when you are facing sunlight. It is best to clean your windshield before your trip. Using your car’s windshield cleaning device during the drive leaves drops of washer fluid on it, which reflect the sun, making it harder to drive until they dry up.

sun glare when driving

Avoid clutter on your dashboard – Sunlight reflects off items on your dashboard. Anything with a shiny surface, including paper, can add to your trouble seeing well. Store items in the glove compartment or buy a caddy to hold them.

Leave ample space between you and the driver ahead – Give yourself plenty of room out in traffic. If there is a problem, this extra room can save you from running into the car ahead.

Try to avoid times when glare is at its worst – It is not possible to avoid it at all times, but it can be helpful to leave even 30 minutes earlier or later for your commute to avoid the problems with glare. If you can’t, then add extra time to your trip. Rushing when driving with the sun glaring in your eyes is asking for trouble.

Source: RSA.ie