What to expect on your first driving lesson

You are likely to feel worried on your very first driving lesson. Those student drivers who are overconfident, or feel they know everything might be in for a nasty shock when they attempt to drive to the requirements expected by the DVLA.

To help keep your nerves in check, let’s have a look at a few things you could anticipate on your first driving lesson:

The lorry and trainer

All expert driving schools have double control automobiles. This suggests, especially throughout the early stages of knowing, you can be guaranteed that if something goes wrong, the trainer can keep you safe although you are behind the wheel.

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Your trainer will be a professional in assisting you manage your nerves. They will learn more about you so they can understand what you are capable of accomplishing in each lesson. They will not hurry you in any way as they know that the way for you to make progress is to move forward at your own rate. Once they recognise that you are confident to continue, your instructor will take you to the next level. Your trainer’s task is to teach you and to keep you safe.


The very first thing the instructor will do is examine that you are legal to drive, so he will need to see your provisional license. Your very first lessons require to take place on peaceful, even separated roads, so it is unlikely your first lesson will begin from outside your door.

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Welcome to the driver’s seat

This will take about 30 minutes of your very first lesson. Of course, if you a quick learner, or already have a great understanding of a vehicle on your very first lesson, you might be doing three point turns, emergency stops and parallel parking before the end of the session.

Moving off and stopping

Yes, it is most likely you will be driving on your very first lesson. The length of time you have for this will be dependent on how rapidly you comprehend and feel comfy with the controls. The trainer will move forward at the rate your progress demands. You will discover the checks you require to make before beginning a journey and how to turn on and move into the circulation of traffic safely along with stopping the lorry. This whole treatment will consist of processes which you might deal with initially (retreating; using the equipments properly; and drawing in near the kerb) however as the lessons progress you will discover everything eventually falls into place.

If paced well, your lessons ought to be a pleasurable experience. A trainer will teach you most effectively when they comprehend your needs, so tell them how you are feeling, if things are going too quickly, or if there is something you don’t comprehend.

You are likely to feel anxious on your first driving lesson. They will get to know you so they can understand what you are capable of attaining in each lesson. Your first lessons need to take place on quiet, even isolated roadways, so it is not likely your very first lesson will start from outdoors your door. Of course, if you a fast learner, or currently have a good comprehension of a car on your first lesson, you could be doing 3 point turns, emergency stops and parallel parking before the end of the session.

Yes, it is likely you will be driving on your first lesson.

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