Crucial Driving Lessons For Teenagers, Teen Drivers.

Crucial Driving Lessons For Teenagers, Teen Drivers.


Learning to drive can be a complicated experience for the best of us so here are RED Driving School’s top tips on how to get ready for your first driving lesson and subsequent tuition.

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  • Provisional licence– you will need to provide both the card and paper parts of you licence on your first lesson. , if you require to apply for a licence you can choose up an application form from you regional post workplace or you can apply online at
  • By telephone or by post if you have lost part of your licence you require to change this; you can do this online.
  • Sponsorship– before starting your lesson you will need to have an intend on how to spend for a complete driving course whether this is through savings, work or household. It does not pay to have lessons and after that stop due to no money as it will take you longer to pass your test if you do not have regular lessons.
  • Time– ensure you have adequate time to commit to learning to drive– after all it is a brand-new ability that you are obtaining that will require routine practice in order for you to advance.
  • We suggest you have one, two hour lesson every week under the supervision of a professional driving instructor.
  • Attitude– you require to be confident that you will discover how to have the ability however drive to make fun of yourself if you make errors, the majority of us do.
  • Consume– prevent caffeine-based beverages such as tea and coffee before your driving lesson as this speeds up anxiety and you will already fidget. It goes without stating that alcohol needs to be avoided both on the day of your lesson, but likewise the night before.
  • Clothing– ensure that your clothing on your lesson is comfortable; you will be beinged in the car for at least an hour. Also make certain that you use ideal shoes that you can feel the pedals through– no walking boots, heels or flip flops.
  • Sleep– make sure you have a good night’s sleep the night before your lesson. You wish to make certain you look out as there will be a lot to take in on your very first lesson.
  • Be prepared– on the day of your lesson make certain you have both parts of your licence, payment for your lesson and your glasses, if you need them.


When your driving lesson is over the knowing does not have to stop there. To enhance your learning you might:

  • Submit a learner driver journal or diary– as soon as your lesson is over, submit the journal with what you have actually covered in the lesson, what went well and what didn’t. You can use this to assess the lesson and get ready for your next lesson. You can use the journal as a guide on what needs practising if you have someone to practice with in between lessons.
  • Theory and Risk Understanding practice– use the web and books to modify for your theory test and hazard understanding test. The earlier your theory is passed the better.

Finally, do not forget that if you have any concerns about your lessons, your driving capability or anything else then just ask your instructor.

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